There are many things I can say about the high quality of service I provide to my home seller and home buyer clients, but probably none would be as credible as testimonials from some of my recent clients themselves.

So please take a moment to read the following testimonials. I hope they indicate my experience and integrity, as well as make it clear how much I enjoy helping people with their real estate needs.

We selected our first real estate agent based solely on knowing him as a nice person, but soon learned that was the wrong approach.  After doing our homework and a number of interviews, we felt Don and his team approach would best suit our needs. And we were right!

Don and Lisa not only “got the word out” on our house, but saved the day when things got rough. We had moved to another state and were completely dependent on their help. We had a series of things that required contracting, and overseeing work. Don and Lisa stepped up and took care of us, above and beyond the call of duty! Their professional knowledge, networking capabilities, dedication and integrity turned a long, stressful, “messy” process into a more managed, positive outcome. 

Because of his years of experience and high standards, we found that Don is highly respected within the real estate and business community of the Grand Rapids area. What that meant for us as a client was that he was committed to meeting our needs and could make good on that commitment. 

Anybody can come out smelling like a rose when the sale is quick and easy. But when things get complicated, believe us: you want the experience, integrity, creativity and knowledge of the Don DeKraker team! 

Thanks again!  Sheila and Bill 


Thank you for the great experience of working with you while you worked on selling our home.  We had been referred to you by two people, one former client and Lee Dykema, our builder.  Both were right when they said you would get our house «out there» by many means of advertising and on the internet with a tour of our home.  The tour was very nice if I must say so myself!  Both of you were very friendly, kind and considerate of us.  You suggested but never pushed in direction you felt we didn’t want to go.  We were always given a days notice when our house would be shown.  We feel in today’s market, our sale went fast, just over 3 months!  Thanks again to both of you.  We appreciate everything you have done for us.  You’re a great team.                 PS:   We would be willing to accept any calls from folks looking for a special agent. 

Sincerely, John and Bev


Thank you for your kindness and support (and humor) while spending time with us while listing and selling our home.  It’s sometimes stressful but you helped with your experience and calm personality.  We always felt everything was in «good hands»  When needing a realtor in the future, we will know who to call.  You will also be highly recommended.

Sincerely,  Pat and Rog

Thank you Don and Lisa for the great service we received both on the sale of our Grandville home and the purchase of our Byron Center home.  You put our needs and our best interests above all else.  We know it and we greatly appreciate it.  You may use our name as reference and we will gladly speak on your behalf to any who are looking for a real estate agent. 

Signed,  Troy and Danielle


Boy did you have to work hard for us!  It was a tough sale but you never gave up.  What you have done was beyond the call of duty and beyond what most agents would have been willing to do.  When we are ready to try home ownership again, we will be calling you.  No doubt!

Thanks again,  Jeremy and Sara

Thanks for helping us not sell our home…

3 years ago I transferred from Massachusetts to Michigan.  Lisa communicated first by email and she helped me research lenders and choose the right loan product for me.  She then trucked all over the Greater Grand Rapids area showing my fiance and me different neighborhoods so we could choose the area where we felt we wanted to live.  We then intensified our search looking at nearly every home in our price range located in the neighborhood of our choosing.  She assisted in the price negotiations as well as inspections and re-negotiations.  She did the work we expected of any real estate agent and she did it well.  Recently, I contacted Lisa again to request she assist us in the sale of our home.  She  and Don came out to our home to see the improvements made to the property and help us set an asking price.  I confided that we loved our home but that our payments had risen and we felt we could no longer afford it.  Lisa immediately went to work.  Not  researching an asking price for our home, but researching why our payments were  increased.  She learned that a document was not completed correctly that was to be filed with the city by the title company.  She arranged to meet me at the township office, oversee the correct filing of the form and formally request an appeal hearing to reimburse me for the over charge.  She then contacted my bank on my behalf to request an immediate change to my escrow with holding.  Now, how many real estate agents will work that hard to help a person not sell their house?  She and Don would have made several thousand dollars if we sold, but nothing if we stayed.  They chose to put our interests ahead of their own.  I’ll tell you one thing they did earn, that is my trust, respect and loyalty.


Hans Giplaye


I was very pleased with Don as my realtor.  He was professional and personable.  And, with Lisa on board, I felt I was getting two for the price of one.  Like a buy one get one free special.  The result was a sale on my home at just the right time.  So, I was very pleased with the Don and Lisa team.  I will gladly recommend them to any who ask.

Thanks again,

Betty Dome


We were recommended Don and Lisa by my son in law, Hans.  We were excited because we received an excellent offer on our home by a developer and needed to find a new place to live.  Lisa showed us many homes and we were just about to put in an offer, when we learned the city would not approve the developer’s plan and our sale fell through.  Lisa and Don stepped in and listed our home.  In the course of our listing, tragedy struck our family in the form of a death, an injury and a prolonged illness.  The result was an inability to make our home payments and we had to face the prospect of foreclosure.  Lisa immediately went to work.  She first stalled the foreclosure proceedings, she then negotiated a short sale price, and managed to close the deal before the sheriff’s sale even took place.   This quick action on her part will spare the damage to our credit that would have occurred by the foreclosure.  She then researched places for us to rent, and took us rental shopping even though that is not part of what a realtor does.  We intend to save our money and have Lisa help us find a house to buy sometime in the future.  Thanks to her knowledge of how to handle foreclosures, we have a chance to rebuild our lives.

Thank you!  Thank you!

John and Sara Gaye

Don and Lisa,

Thank you so much for all your time and hard work selling our house and helping us find the perfect new home for our family.  We have really enjoyed our first week there.  Lisa, I know you spent a lot of extra time and effort moving things through for us.  You are both amazing realtors!

Sarah and Adam Johnson